SCI Get Fit Toolkit

The SCI GET FIT Toolkit: a Canadian resource to help adults with spinal cord injury meet physical activity guidelines.

SCI Action Canada, along with and multidisciplinary expert panel, developed the SCI Get Fit Toolkit, an evidence-informed, SCI-specific resource, using a systematic process. The panel found that most people wanted a toolkit that was: brief, evidence-based, it should contain images of adults with tetraplegia and paraplegia, and links to more detailed on-line information. Furthermore, content of the toolkit should include the Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults with SCI, activities tailored to manual and power chair users, the benefits of physical activity, and strategies to overcome common physical activity barriers for adults with SCI. The inclusion of action plans and safety tips was also recommended.

The SCI Get Fit Toolkit was developed using these recommendations and was launched at McMaster University on November 11, 2011.  

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For more information on the Intensity Classification Chart, or if you would like to see them in a different language, 
click here.

For a short presentation on the benefits of regular physical activity for adults with SCI, and the supporting research, click here.

For examples on how you can make your own Action Plan, click here.

Sometimes you may feel physical activity may be too difficult to add to your day. To see some of the barriers you may encounter and how you can overcome them, click here.


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