Scientific exercise guidelines for adults with SCI


Evidence-Based Scientific Exercise Guidelines for Adults with Spinal Cord Injury: An Update and a New Guideline

A recent systematic review provided a synthesis and appraisal of research testing the effects of exercise interventions on fitness and health outcomes in adults with SCI. The authors reported moderate-to-high confidence in the evidence showing exercise can improve fitness and cardiometabolic health outcomes in adults with chronic SCI. Furthermore, they reported low-to-moderate confidence in the evidence supporting specific exercise prescriptions (i.e., the exercise type and the ‘dose’ of exercise given to participants, consisting of exercise frequency, intensity and duration) leading to significant improvements in these outcomes.

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“I am very proud of the work produced by Dr. Martin Ginis and her dedicated Team. The Rick Hansen Foundation created the RHI (Rick Hansen Institute) to support leading and applied research that would produce tangible results that when applied will improve lives of people with spinal cord injury. By applying these guidelines, people with SCI can expect to reach closer to normal health outcomes and lead full and meaningful lives.”

Rick Hansen Founder & CEO, Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF)

Scientific exercise guidelines for adults with spinal cord injury

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