Paralympic Sport

By: Adrienne Sinden, posted: 2014-03-27

Which Paralympic sport have you tried in the past? Which sport would you like to try, and why? 


Participating in sports has many benefits for people with spinal cord injury.   In a review article by Martin Ginis and colleagues (2012), physical and psychological well-being, and their relationship to sport participation and exercise among persons with spinal cord injury, were examined.  Here’s what they found:

 Physical Well-being:

 Psychological Well-being:

One does not have to be an athlete to participate in sport, participating at the community level provides the benefits of an active lifestyle.  Below are the sports found at the Winter and Summer Paralympics that have events for people with a spinal cord injury.  Take a look at the sports listed below, something might appeal to you to try!

 Paralympic Activities to Try

 The Winter Paralympics includes 5 sports, all of which consist of sitting events:

  1. ice sledge hockey
  2. wheelchair curling
  3. biathalon
  4. cross-country skiing
  5. alpine skiing

The Summer Paralympics has 22 sports; the following list contains sports that have sitting events:

  1. archery
  2. athletics
  3. boccia
  4. canoe
  5. cycling
  6. equestrian
  7. power lifting
  8. rowing
  9. sailing
  10. IPC shooting
  11. sitting volleyball
  12. swimming
  13. table tennis
  14. triathlon
  15. wheelchair basketball
  16. wheelchair fencing
  17. wheelchair rugby
  18. wheelchair tennis



Martin Ginis, K. A., Jörgensen, S., Stapleton, J. (2012). Exercise and sport for persons with spinal cord injury. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 4, 894-900.

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